Session Types

  1. Individual Sessions
    Clients may be placed in individual sessions to work on specific skills that may not be addressed with peers. Individual sessions will focus on goals and objectives determined during the music therapy assessment.
  2. Adaptive Lessons
    Clients and families may wish to have training on a specific music instrument. Adaptive lessons provide an opportunity for individuals to acquire music skills through an individualized approach tailored to the specific needs of the person and their learning style. Lessons are typically taught on piano, guitar, voice, percussion, or other instrument with specific arrangement.
  3. Group Sessions
    Clients will be placed in small groups based on their strengths and needs determined during the assessment period. Groups may have specific themes based on interests of the clients and may target skills that can be acquired through group learning.
  4. Contracted Services
    Agencies and businesses in NW Ohio can contract with Heartstring Melodies, LLC, to provide music therapy services at their location. Services can be arranged individually or for groups with the typical frequency occurring weekly or bi-weekly.
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