Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can be a client for music therapy?
    Anyone who has a specific area of need. Clients may be of any age and functioning level or diagnosis. Although Heartstring Melodies, LLC specializes in treatment for individuals with special needs, music therapy can be an effective treatment modality for individuals experiencing difficult times in life. If you have a question about whether music therapy may be an effective treatment for you or someone you know, please contact us.
  2. Does one have to be musically inclined or have experience in music to participate in or benefit from music therapy?
    No. Music therapy requires no prior music experience as music is used as the therapeutic medium.
  3. How long are music therapy sessions and how much do they cost?
    Sessions vary in duration depending on the most appropriate length for each client. Typically sessions last 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Please contact us for our current rate sheet. Rates vary based on location and session frequency/duration.
  4. What does a music therapy session look like?
    Music therapy sessions will look different depending on the client’s age and functioning/diagnosis. Sessions for individuals with special needs may include hello and goodbye songs to start and end the session, instrument playing, song writing, singing, movement, and improvisation experiences. Sessions for adults may focus more on music making, relaxation, emotional expression, and song writing. The client is an active participant.
  5. As a parent, do I need to stay with my child during music therapy?
    Parents are more than welcome to remain in the center waiting area during music therapy sessions. If parents wish to leave the premises they need to have a Permission to Leave Site During Treatment form on file and return prior to the end of the client’s session.
  6. How are session observations handled?
    It is important for the client to form a strong therapeutic relationship with the music therapist. If parents desire to observe sessions within the music therapy room, we ask that advance notice is given. Parents are welcome to observe through the window as long as it does not inhibit the client's focus in the session. Heartstring Melodies, LLC reserves the right to limit observations if it is in the best interest of the client.
  7. What can I do to incorporate music into the home or other environments?
    Sing and be involved in music with your children. They will be comfortable with music when they see you participating. You can use music for transitions, to learn basic academic concepts, and to recall steps to a familiar activity. For more specific ideas for your child, please consult with your music therapist.
  8. Do you offer volunteer or job shadow opportunities?
    Heartstring Melodies, LLC accepts volunteers to serve as typical peers in music therapy sessions. A typical peer may be a sibling of a client or students in middle/high school or college. A brief training and visitor confidentiality packet will be filled out before the volunteer starts participating in music therapy sessions. Job shadowing may be arranged with advance notice. All families/ clients will be given advance notice of volunteers in sessions.

Heartstring Melodies is always seeking donations for scholarships.  Partial session rate scholarships will be provided to clients based on need.  Applications are available from your therapist when funds are available.  In addition to Heartstring Melodies scholarships, there are several grants and scholarship opportunities listed below that may help to cover the cost of music therapy services.
Ohio Disability Resource Guide

  1. Certification Board for Music Therapists
  2. American Music Therapy Association
  3. Great Lakes Region of the American Music Therapy Association
  4. Association of Ohio Music Thearpists
  5. Special Kids Therapy
  6. Pierce's Crew Foundation
  7. United Healthcare Children's Foundation
  8. Children's Charity Fund
  9. Disabled Children's Relief Fund
  10. Helping from Heaven
  11. First Hand Foundation
  12. Wheel to Walk Foundation
  13. The Lindsay Foundation
  14. The Prayer Child Foundation
  15. Gia Foundation
  16. Gracie's Hope
  17. Kya's Krusade
  18. Helping Hands Program
  19. ACT Today! Grant Program and ACT Today! for Military Families
  20. Autism Relief Foundation Grants
  21. Williams Syndrome Association Scholarships
  22. Williams Syndrome Changing Lives Foundation
  23. Small Steps in Speech